Nominations for President and Vice-Presidential positions are now open for 2019

On August 12 the United Nations Society Cabinet voted to hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 10 September 2018 at 6:00pm. The purpose of conducting the AGM relatively early is to ensure a lengthy handover period.

At the AGM, constitutional amendments will be voted upon, the President and VP Finance will give their reports, and elections will be held for the all Vice-Presidential positions, and the position of President.

Nominations are now open for all available positions. Official notice will be sent on 1 September, alongside a list of candidates and their candidate statements.

Any full member of the society may nominate themselves, and all interested members are encouraged to do so.

The positions available for all members are:
> President
> Vice-President for Administration;
> Vice-President for Finance;
> Vice-President for External Conferences.
> Vice-President for Education;
> Vice-President for Outreach;
> Vice-President for Model United Nations.

Successful candidates will work alongside the current President and respective Vice-Presidents during the handover period.

As of today, members of the United Nations Society wishing to nominate themselves for any of the above positions may do so by emailing the President, Benjamin Nicols, at 

The email must include:
- The position or positions they wish to nominate for;
- A candidate statement addressing their suitability for the position or positions of no more than:
300 words, if applying for one position; and,
- 150 words for each additional position they are nominating themselves for.
- An appropriate photo of themselves;
- Acknowledgement and agreement to be bound by the rules contained in this document, for your benefit, a summary of the code of conduct is contained below.
- If you want your candidate statement to be included in Official Notice for the EGM, and your name written on the ballot, you must submit it before 11:59pm Friday 31 August!

Candidates wishing to nominate themselves from the floor should note that they are not permitted to campaign unless they send notice to the Returning Officer per clause 1.2 of the Election Policy.