President  Ben Nicols

Ben Nicols



"I signed up to UNSoc during my very first O-Week at UNSW and it’s easily the only good decision I made that week. UNSoc’s taken me to exotic locations like Montreal, Kuala Lumpur, and Canberra. Along the way I’ve had incredible experiences, developed new skills, and made amazing friends around the world. Outside of UNSoc I study International Studies and Law. I’m super excited for this year and the amazing times we’ll be having at UNSoc in 2018."


Samuel Scander

VP Finance


"I joined the UN Society back in 2013 and got to meet some awesome people who helped welcome me into university. Unfortunately it wasn’t until mid 2016 that I actively participated in external conferences and I really feel like I missed out! Model UN, especially the external conferences that run over multiple days, allowed me to debate and discuss active solutions to world issues and through it I learnt how much I loved international relations. Plus the travel opportunities are amazing!"


Shuhan He

VP Administration


"Ever since high school, I have been fascinated by the idea of an effective world organization such as the United Nations in practice and have thrown myself into Model UN. Joining UNSoc at uni is definitely one of the best decisions in my life and I’m super grateful for the exceptional learning experiences and like-minded friends that UNSoc has offered."


Carolyn Fernandez

VP Outreach


"I’ve been part of the society since attending NCMUN 2016 in Canberra. Since then I’ve travelled to Montreal for Harvard WorldMUN and gotten more involved with the society’s on-campus events.

UNSoc is a great society to join not only for future diplomats and international relations experts, but anyone with an interest in what’s happening in the world today and learning more about global politics and pressing global issues. Debating and coming to resolutions on these issues is more important than ever, so I’m super excited to see where the society goes in the year ahead."



Jason Dong

VP Model UN


"Since the beginning of my uni journey I have been seeking the perfect balance of memes and productivity - and I found it in our society.

Whether you want to debate the ins and outs of international diplomacy or just stir the pot of diplomatic intrigue, this is the perfect society for you.

Since joining the society in my first O-Week I have never learned so much about serious world issues while having so much fun in the process!"



Seung Chan Rhee

VP Externals


"There are a litany of societies at university all vying for your attention. There are few that actively deserve it. The UNSW UN Society is part of this minority, and the diversity of its membership, from first to final year students is testament to the vivacious and engaging culture that is fostered here. I have UNSoc to thank for many things, including the chance to attend international conferences with thousands of delegates from around the world. As an incoming student, you have many options, and limited time. Make the right choice."


Rachael Lee

VP Education


"Sure - the MUNs are fun (they really are), but for me, joining UNSOC gave me a chance to make friends where it’s nigh on impossible to make friends where everyone has a different timetable and the lecture theatres are so large that you can’t find the person you sat next to last week. I’ve met some incredibly eloquent and interesting people during my time in the society - many of which I’d like to think I can call friends. If you like Pina Coladas…if you have half a brain, join UNSOC and escape."



Eugenie Song

Sponsorship Director


"The thing I love the most about this society is how diverse and inclusive it is – regardless of whether you’re a first timer or a pro MUNer, the society has a place for everyone. So if you’re looking to have fun and enjoy university life with a bunch of friendly faces, then don’t hesitate and give it a shot!

Not only do you get to improve your speaking skills (a very important life skill!) but your general knowledge about the world improves drastically as you debate pressing political issues with fellow students from around the globe."



Alexander Mao

Mentoring Director


"I only got involved in UNSoc after a few Model UNs, when I realised the amazing benefits and sense of community joining the society would bring. Through participating in Model UNs as well as getting involved in the events of the society, I've made great friends, improved my speaking skills, and have had a blast doing so.

My first Model UN was at the University level - consider joining UNSoc if you're interested even vaguely in Model UN or international diplomacy!"



Farabhi Khan

O-Week Director


"My first interaction with UNSoc was when I participated in a Mini Model United Nations, run specifically for High Schoolers. Since then i’ve wanted to be a part of the United Nations Society at UNSW. Since then by participating in Model United Nations programs I have not only built my public speaking skills but also my social skills. I have met many new friends from all across Australia, as well as people in various degrees by participating in UNSoc’s programs. It is because I tried my hand at Munning that I was able to realise my passion for world affairs and diplomatic relations between the world’s nations. It has been a very rewarding experience."



Emily Zhu

Co-Marketing Director


"I’ve participated in high school MUNs here and there and upon arriving at university, I was thrilled to find out that UNSW had a UN Society full of wholesome people and memes. Since starting uni, I have attended AMUNC and NCMUN and look forward to attending many more MUNs in my uni career. I have a deep fascination with what the UN deals with, especially in human rights and the war against terror. From joining the society, my understanding on world issues and politics has been heightened and has helped in my degree and intelligence about the world. I definitely recommend anyone looking to enlighten themselves about the world while having a heap of fun at MUNs to join!"



Isaac Dela Torre

Co-Marketing Director


"A year ago I was a frightened first year who was super nervous about starting uni and making friends. I wasn’t really sure what societies were and which ones to get involved in. I thought the UN Society was just for those who were super knowledgeable about global affairs and international diplomacy whereas I didn’t even know that Trump was elected. However since joining the society I was able to learn more about what was happening in the world and realised the society is for everyone, not just pro MUNners. I’ve had so many amazing opportunities like travelling to New York this March for NMUN, and made some amazing friends. There are so many ways to get involved regardless of skill and interest, and I highly recommend anyone of all backgrounds join!"


Louis Ye

Arc Delegate


"I’ve been a part of UNSoc since my first year at UNSW, and now entering my third year I am still super keen for the society. It’s given me the opportunity to learn so much and is even giving me an excuse to go to New York later this year.

I think that the society is great for anyone who wants to learn or discuss international affairs, for any background and am looking forward to 2018."